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"Etabeta" ─ The quality and the elegance are not coming out from nothing:they always have a specific history. Our story based his roots in 70th years and it has developed herself through a continuos research, definitive choices and important projects. As for exaple the revolutionary idea, which led to the creation of a world patent, a demountable stainless steel wheel alloyed with alluminium. The project was designed and created completely in Etabeta by his fouder Ing. Giorgio Prestini, today all our wheel are designed, and completely created inside our head office, in order to offer a product 100% made in italy, qualitatively valued by our costumers all around the world. A perfet work can only be reached using passion, for that reason we strive our passion every day; without any reserve. We have put together knowledge, experiences, technology and passion in a single moment trusting the idea that doing our own job with passion is a prerequisite for making it perfectly. This is why we used to define ourselves "maker for passion". Our idea is that the way you act is also your own way of being.

Elite (Deluxe Wheels Collection)

Measurements available
8.5J x R19
8.5J x R19 (įgaubtas)
9.5J x R19 (įgaubtas)
11J x R19 (įgaubtas)
8.5J x R20
9J x R20
9J x R20 (įgaubtas)
10.5J x R20 (įgaubtas)

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